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Dreams realized

So when did I first figure out that I had a reality warping, make come true type of "witchy" power? One day I was at the mall and I saw a beautiful, Tom Welling, look a like guy talking to another guy, older but nice looking. I could tell that the two would never get together and I was sitting there wishing something would happen that would allow a meeting when all of a sudden a wallet appeared on the mall food court table where I was sitting. The ID was of the hot, younger guy. Then I see them talking and one paid for the other and the rest I guess is history, when I see them later leaving the mall together. *Note* this story is continued in a story called, Redneck at the Mall Food Court; I mailed the guy his wallet back.

I went home trying to figure out what actually happened. Where did the wallet come from? About that time, my doorbell rings; I check out the window and there is a kid about 15 or so, hot, with a flyer of some sort, probably selling something. Here I'm thinking I wish he would go home. I open the door and he says smiling, "excuse me for bothering you, but I just realized that I need to go home."

Okay, now I know something is up.

The kid leaves and I shut the door. I go to the bathroom and while looking in the mirror, wetting my face, trying to calm down; think to myself; I wish I knew what was going on. All of a sudden in my head are these thoughts; you are a monitor, a watcher. Many like you are created to band-aid or fix problems if reality gets off track. Until you were ready, your abilities were dormant. Once ready you can adjust reality to put things on track. There is major prerogative decision making allowed and any changes you decide off the "track" have no impact on the rest of reality. Consider it a perk for working for the creators of reality.

Okay, now I know that I flipped out, because I am having a major philosophical, pseudo-religious discussion with myself.

No, you aren't crazy, comes the voice again. Just only today has your genetic coding determined are you ready for the information to be released into your consciousness?

Okay, now what. Again the voice, we recommend that as an exercise to learn your abilities that you experiment some. Consider yourself like a "Fairy Godfather," even for yourself. We don't have any rules about self-gain or anything. As long as ruling the world or major domination/destruction; don't play a part in your changes.

I think to myself, sure I'll bite. I go to my home office where I have a full-length mirror. I look in there thinking to myself, what any 41 yr. old, gay man would want; you got it a big dick. I look in the mirror thinking, I wish that my dick was about 8 inches soft and 12 inches hard. I wish my balls were the size of peaches, bull balls. Now what? I ask. Keep thinking says the voice. I watch and think, I watch and think. I feel a tingle. In the mirror, I can see my crotch grow and it looks like I stuffed my shoe in there.

Oh shit; I unzip my jeans, reach in and pull out the most beautiful, piece of meat and nuts that I have seen--instant hardness and horniness. WOW. I just stand there looking one minute in the mirror and one minute down at the reality of it. I am amazed and stunned.

I start to jack off and think now if I can do this Where do I stop? The voice says again, "Think and use your imagination."

I know what I want. My favorite country star is Toby Keith. I want to look like that football build, handsome, country cowboy. I think it, I think it and all of a sudden for a minute I seem to waver out of place. When everything focuses back in; there in the mirror stands Toby Keith. I mean I look just like him; hat, shirt, jeans, boots, facial hair, body, everything. I say out loud, holy shit. There's his beautiful bass voice.

Okay, I know it's like a voyeur and all, but I have to see for myself somethingyep, built like the man bull he looks like. His dick is set up like my earlier wish. I have to know what it's like. I'm already hard, so I start jacking. Man does it feel great. After about 15 minutes of some hard dick play, ball pulling, my load (or Toby's) blows all over the mirror, all over the floor.

By this time its kind of late. It's a Friday night plus. I decide to go out looking like this stud to see what kind of play I can pick up. Then I realize that I might have a hard time explaining Toby at a bar like 2606 or Chambers (I do live in Tampa). So I change some; the hair to a crew cut, the cowboy shirt to a form-ribbed t-shirt (shrinking my stomach some to fit it). I then tribal tattoo my bicep and pierce both nips so that they show through my shirt. Now this is an "Oprah" makeover worth televising.

I decide that the bar of choice tonight will be Chambers. I love country music but need the beat of Club music. When I get there, thank God it's busy. I go upstairs to Gary, my favorite bartender and order my usual, Jack and diet coke. Now I set up shop at the bar to watch the boys dance.

After about 30 minutes of hot, sweaty, crotch grinding dancing; one of the younger, slim guys makes his way to the bar. I move over and he orders a beer. I tell Gary to please put it on my tab. I have altered reality so that Gary knows that it's me, Padgett and that nothing is unusual. The young man says thanks. Holds out his hand and says my name is Tony. I tell him that I'm Padgett. He asks me to dance to thank me for the beer. We dance for hours, breaking once in awhile for drinks and the interruption of the drag show. Around 2am, I tell him that I'm leaving that I'm bored. He looks sad and says can we swap numbers; I'd like to see you again. I ask him if he would like to follow me home. Tony, says yeah, let me tell my friends that I'm leaving.

He follows pretty good and I live close to downtown, so it's not far. When we get to my house, Tony says can I tell you that you look a lot like Toby Keith. Thanks I tell him, he's one of my favorites. Tony says mine too. Although he says, I think that Kenny Chesney is pretty hot also. Yeah, I tell him one of my fantasies is for those two to hook up. Tony says, yeah mine too.

Listen I tell him, what if I told you that I could make that happen. Tony says what, Toby and Kenny. Yeah, sort of I tell him. Just stand there for a minute. I look at him thinking, Kenny Chesney, black hat, tight jeans, tank top, beaded necklace, etc. Then I think a few changes are in order, nice bubble butt, lips a little fuller and just a touch (touch) more muscle all over. There is the wavering out again and holy shit--there's Kenny.

Tony says what happened. I show him the mirror and he goes oh shit, that's amazing. How? So I tell him the story, thinking that later I can wipe it out.

I take the hat off, tossing it to the side. Tony, can I kiss you. I mean a real kiss; tongue and all. Sure he says. We French for a few minutes and I realize that our breaths are like cinnamon. May I get you a drink? We both decide on Jack and diet. I changed that preference too. I altered my patio to include a Jacuzzi. We go outside; both of us strip and get in. After a lot of making out and a lot of old fashioned necking; I have him in my lap. Tony says, Toby (chuckling), "Fuck me, please!" I alter his tight, bubble butt to be self-lubing and for my pre-cum to be waterproof and similar to lube. Tony inches me in slowly and then begins to fuck himself on this big bull dick that I'm sporting.

We go out it forever, and then I tell him I'm going to paint the inside of his hot ass. He says that's okay because that bull dick has me ready to paint your chest. I ask him would he like to cum at the same time. Tony says yes. I bring us both to a mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic, cum overflowing moment that is amazing. While that is going on, we are kissing and kissing and kissing.

We sit there relaxing, finishing our drinks and he says are you going to make me forget. I ask him, do you want to continue seeing me? I change both of us back so that we are ourselves. He says oh yeah, you're hot too. I can read the sincerity in his thoughts.

As we are going to bed for the night; I ask Tony, what do you think about an arrangement between Tim McGraw and Keith Urban? Tony asks, how about Toby, Tim and Keith? My best friend David would be more than willing to be our third. Laughing as we drift off to sleep, I tell him then again, "We can always make our own third, huh?"

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