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My uncle breaks me in

Let me start by saying that things hadn't been rosy between my parents for several years. They fought a lot and considering the number of times I'd heard my dad beating off in the toilet, I knew they didn't have much of a sex life. I sorta figured they'd split one day but I never imagined that it would be because of me.

See, I was in my room which was down on the first floor (my parents room was upstairs). I had complete privacy and Jeremy, whom I'd known since I began elementary school, and I had become jack-off and suck buddies in junior high school. I really liked Jeremy and he developed early and when he developed he really developed. By 13, he had a huge 8" cut cock. I have to tell you I just loved sucking on that beauty and swallowing his hot loads.

Jeremy loved sucking me too, although until I was about 15, my cock was only about 3" hard. I was a late bloomer, I guess you'd say. Well, I finally caught up somewhat. By the time this story begins my hard uncut cock was measuring up nicely at a fat 7". I loved having Jeremy suck two or three hot loads out of me every time we could manage to get together.

We did this for years, and then, on that fateful day, in the summer after graduation, we were in an awesome 69, trying for our third cum of the evening, when my mother opened the door, said something I don't remember and screamed. I jumped up because I thought she'd been hurt but when she saw my hard cock, wet with Jeremy's spit she went completely ballistic.

She ran out of the room and ran into the family room where my dad was watching TV, screaming her head off. Jeremy and I were trying to scramble into our clothes as fast as we could but I could hear her screaming at dad. I think the whole neighbourhood heard her screaming.

"You sick fuck," she howled, "You’ve done this to him, you and that demented family of yours."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" my dad queried.

"I caught your son and his friend in his bedroom sucking each other's cocks. You've been at him, haven't you? I knew your past would show itself eventually!"

"Look Sandra, I never touched the kid and you know that. You watch both of us like a hawk. I don't think I've ever seen his cock let alone teach him how to get it sucked. You're a crazy fucking bitch."

"Just go in there and look at those two faggots. They're probably still at it. He's your son. Maybe he'd let you join in."

"That's not fair, Sandra," dad said, jumping up. "I've never done anything to let you think I'd touch my son that way."

"You're a MacAlister, aren't you? Do I have to say anything else."

Dad came running down the hall and Jeremy and I were just getting our jeans zipped when he appeared in the door. He looked concerned, and I was afraid I was going to catch some deep shit, but he just looked at us, and then said, "Uh, Jeremy, I think you've got something on your face. You might want to wipe it off." And he smiled.

Jeremy wiped the last vestiges of my cum shot off his face and we sat down on the bed.

Dad turned towards the hall and shouted, "I can't see anything going on here Sandra except two boys sitting on the bed watching TV." He winked.

"You would say that, you sick fucking queer. Well, I've had it. I tried to make you a proper man and a good father and look what we end up with--a goddamn cocksucker. I'm going over to Linda's (her sister) and I won't be back. I'll get a lawyer and we can do our talking through him."

With that, I heard him running up the stairs and a few minutes later, she came down and then walked back to where we were sitting in the bedroom. She looked at me, and she looked at dad and her eyes were all red from crying.

"Now Sandra," Dad said as he tried to approach her, "this is just a kid thing. We don't want to break up our family over this."

Mum pushed him away and said quietly, "Our family has been broken for many years, Dan. I just cut the final cord."

With that, she turned and walked down the hall and out the door. We heard her car roar away.

We all three just sat there stupefied. Finally, dad said, "UH, Jeremy, under the circumstances, maybe it'd be best if you went on home eh."

"Uh yeah, Mr. MacAlister," Jeremy mumbled as he picked up his backpack. "See ya later dude."

When Jeremy went out the door, dad came over and sat by me on my bed and said, "We have to talk."

Uh-oh, I thought, now the shit begins.

"Let's go in the family room where we can sit and be comfortable and you can tell me your side of the story. He went into the kitchen and got a couple of brews and brought them.

"I think this situation is serious enough for you to have drink, eh son."

"Uh, yeah, dad, but I've been drinking for some time now."

"Just drink that slowly and start and the beginning and tell me how we got to this point.

We were sitting together on the sofa. I was in my jeans but hadn't had a chance to put on my underwear or my shirt. Dad was in a T-shirt and a pair of flannel sleeping pants he wore to bed. I always liked to sit around with him when he was wearing them because I knew he didn't have any underwear on. I could see his big cock and balls flopping around every time he got up.

I have to admit, I had wanted to have sex with my dad from as early as I can remember. I walked in on him in the shower when I was about 5 and he was just stepping out. I just stood there, with my mouth hanging open. Here was this 6 ft., broad shouldered, sandy- blond haired god, dripping from the shower, rubbing the towel over his hairy chest.

Dad was really hairy and the hair got even thicker on his legs and around his cock. Damn, I hoped one day I'd have that much. And that cock. It was slightly aroused from the shower I think and it was really big. I'm guessing that even soft it was as big around as most beer can. It had a very long foreskin, even longer than mine, that puckered and hung about half an inch below the head of his dick. At that time, he would've only been about 26 and I thought he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I know that when Jeremy and I got to talking about guys we'd like to do it with, Dad's name always came up, from both of us.

Unfortunately, Dad wasn't one to be seduced. He wasn't a touchy parent, not into hugging or slapping ass. Looking back now, I can see he was afraid to show his affection. At the time though, I just thought that my crush on him was hopeless because he didn't consider me worth the effort.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Dad and I were sitting on the sofa and I began to tell him all the details about my sexual experiences with Jeremy. I even included some of my school washroom sucking experiments with other classmates. At first, I thought Dad looked horrified but then I looked down and I do believe he was sporting the beginnings of a boner.

That was all I needed. I began to include more and more explicit details describing the cocks I'd sucked and how I'd sucked them. And just as I'd expected, before long, Dad's flannels were tenting up. I looked down and smiled.

Amazingly, he smiled back and me and made no attempt to cover up his enormous wood.

He pulled me over close to him and hugged me.

"God," he said, "I've wanted to hug you for so long, Aidan. It's just that your mother didn't think it was appropriate. I have to admit I'm a bit shocked by how much sexual experience you've had but I'm your dad and I love you. Being a cocksucker doesn't make you one bit less my son."

I leaned in and hugged him hard and then sat back and let my hand just brush the mound in his pants. It jumped as I touched it.

Dad slapped me on the back and said, "Time for bed, kid. I've got to get up early but we'll have plenty of time to talk things out, and we will."

We stood up and I grabbed him in a bear hug and pressed myself as close as I could get to him, hard cock to hard cock. I kissed him right on his mouth.

"God Dad, I love you so much. Thanks for understanding."

Back in my room, I realised that getting Dad's cock was going to be harder to get than I thought, but I felt like that last hug had told me that there were possibilities. I beat off again thinking of Dad's huge uncut cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Things changed a lot at home. Mum didn't come home as we'd thought she would. The divorce papers came and Dad said, "Well, it's a done deal. It's just the two of us now."

Inside I was jumping up and down; alone with Dad for as long as I wanted.

Things changed between Dad and me. We started hugging a lot and even kissing sometimes. One time, I was so turned on I creamed my pants while I was hugging him. I'm sure he must've noticed the big wet spot on my shorts.

Dad ditched the flannel pajama bottoms and started hanging out in his BVD's. Now I have to tell you, that was killing me. Here I was, sitting around in the evening with my awesome, studly 39 year old dad. I'd always sit close to him and he'd put his arm around me while we watched TV. Sometimes, I'd just lie down with my head in his lap, where I could feel his cock stiffening up beneath me.

I thought we were going to get it on but it was having a different effect on Dad. He got more and more agitated and stressed. If I tried to touch him on his groin, he'd just push my hand away and shake his head. At first, I thought it was just over the break-up of his marriage, but boy, would I have been wrong.

One afternoon, I came in hot and sweaty from my summer job and Dad was on the phone. I stopped in the foyer and listened.

"Listen, I just can't do it. I want to, God knows I do but I can't. He's such a sweet kid and he trusts me so much."

Shit, was dad planning to kick me out. I was getting a bit nervous.

"I know I should've done it but Sandra watched me like a hawk. I don't know how I could've. Yeah, but Daddy didn't care who knew about anything and he never cared much about anybody's feelings either. I do. I care so much about what Aidan thinks."

Hmm, I though, they're talking about me and whatever it is has to do with Grandpa. That is strange.

"Maybe that would be best," Dad continued, "you come up and break him in. You did a great job on me. After that, if he wants me to help I will."

Having no idea what that conversation was about I just chalked it up to Dad's skittery nervous state. We continued to lay and cuddle and watch TV, both of us, boned to the max. If something didn't happen soon, we were both going to explode from sexual tension.

Then, about a week later, an old yellow, beat-up pick-up pulled into our drive. The driver stepped out. He looked to be about 35, bright red hair, stubbly red beard. He was about 6'2' and must've weighed in at about 225 and all of it was obviously muscle. He had on tight jeans that showed an incredible snake running down his right leg. When he got closer to the door, I realised that he looked a lot like Dad.

Bingo! This was one of Dad's brothers. But which one? We'd never visited Dad's family because Mum hated them, one and call. She called them the worst kind of trailer trash. Man, if this guy was trash, I wanted to be the trash man.

There was a knock at the door and I ran to answer it. I was just lounging around in a pair of jams and no shirt, so I was a pretty hot sight myself when I opened the door.

"Well, I'll be damned," the huge, redheaded stud said, "You’ve got to be Aidan. The last time I seen you, you was about 4. You've grown some." He looked down at my shorts and smiled. "I'd say you've grown a lot."

Damn he was hot. I was immediately sporting major wood.

"Hi, " I said. "Yeah, I'm Aidan and you're one of dad's brothers. I don't know which one though."

"I'm your daddy's next oldest brother, Darrell. Pleased to meet ya Aidan."

"Likewise, I said. " come on in. I was just having a beer and chilling. Want one? Dad'll be home about 4."

"I'll take you up on that, little guy," Darrell smiled. I guess to him I was a little guy because I was only about 5'10"

I popped a cold one for Darrell and we went and sat down in the family room. I expected Darrell to sit in one of the chairs facing me but he plopped down right beside me, so close I could feel the heat off his body.

"So your dad tells me you got caught in the act. What were you doing? I didn't hear that part."

I decided to be honest because with this big hot stud sitting here almost on top of me with his arm around my shoulder, I didn't think there was much risk. "My friend Jeremy and I were sucking each other off. We've been doing it since Junior High School."

"Hell, is that all? You was just suckin’ on each others' peters? Your nutcase mother left cause of that? I don't fuckin’ believe it. Hell, I'll bet most of the kids in this country have done some cocksucking somewhere along the line."

"Yeah," I said glumly, "but I was the cause of their marriage breaking up."

"Oh no you wasn't ," Darrell said, squeezing me tighter. "Your mother has been crazy as long as I've known her and that's a long time. The only reason your dad married her was cause of John."

"John," I wondered out loud, "Do you mean Uncle John, mum's brother."

"The very same. It was a two-fer. Your dad wanted John and John wasn't ready so he settled for the next best thing."

"Are you telling me that Dad was in love with Uncle John?" I gasped.

"Man, oh man, yes, they was in love. They were always together. I guess if time's had been different they'd've stayed together. I mean those boys fucked and sucked constantly for years, right up till the day of the wedding, and ever since."

"You're shittin me , right Uncle Darrell? My dad's still fuckin’ with Uncle John?"

"Yep," Darrell smiled, "every fall when he comes down to go huntin’ on our place, he spends most of his time with his dick up John's hot ass."

"Jesus Christ," I muttered. "All this time, I've wanted to get with dad and he was a cocksucker just like me."

"Yeah, sad, ain't it? If your dad had done what he was supposed to do, you'da been bein’ fucked by him for some time. But he's a coward. Sandra pussy whipped him from the beginning. She thought she was going to change him."

"How'd she know about him, being gay and all?"

"Hell, your dad's stag party was an all-out orgy, guys sucking and fucking all night long. Your dad and John both must've taken 20 dicks each. The next morning your mum found John and Dan (my dad) in bed together with Dan's cock still lodged in John's hot tight little ass."

"She done exactly what she did here to you," Darrell continued. "She went wild and started screaming that the wedding was off but then Daddy got hold of her and told her not to make a fool of herself. He told her that it was just a stag party thing and he'd treat her right. And he did. Trouble was, any time anything came up that she didn't like, she'd throw that up in Dan's face. Like I told ya, she was a cunt."

"Yeah, " I agreed. "She sure could be. That would explain why dad was afraid to touch me or get close to me."

"Yep," Darrell said as he ran his hand appreciatively down my bare chest, "he was supposed to break you in when you came of age but he was too chicken shit to do it. It's a MacAlister family thing. Daddy's always breaks their boys in. Our daddy broke us all in and we taught each other everything else we knew."

"What'dya mean by 'broke in', Darrell" I asked as my hand moved towards that expanding tube in his jeans."

"I mean, he shoulda been the one who took your cherry. He shoulda been the first one to put his dick up your ass, but that Sandra took his balls so he didn't. Have you had your cherry popped yet by any of them kid's you've sucked off kid?"

"No Darrell," I said, as I squeezed his huge hard-on, "all we've ever done is suck and beat each other off."

"Well, your cherry's gonna get popped now kid because that's why I'm here. Your old man didn't have the guts to do it . Fraid he was gonna scar you for life. I'm gonna make you feel better than you've ever felt in your life."

All I could do was moan because the big, thick cock I was feeling had to be at least 9" if not more.

"Tell ya what, little guy," whyn't ya go in and get us a couple more beers and we'll head back to your room. I'll go ahead and get out of these clothes. I'm all hot and sweaty cause I don't have any a/c in the truck and it's been a long drive."

When I got back to my room Darrell was standing there--completely naked, lighting a doobie. He inhaled and then handed it over to me. I couldn't even take it. I was paralyzed by the sight of him. I mean 6'2' of solid muscle with the slightly rounded belly of a 40 year old man. His chest was densely covered with thick red fur. His legs and ass were too and around that big red, engorged cock it looked like a forest fire.

Darrell wasn't worked out. I knew that he was an ironmonger. He made custom wrought-iron for people. All that hammering and hard work had left him completely muscled, his forearms were bigger than most men's thighs. I just couldn't stop looking at him.

His cock had to be at least 9" and it was bright red against his white skin. Even hard, and he was really hard (it was jerking up and down) his foreskin covered the head and puckered, just as I remember dad's doing.

"Well," little guy," he laughed as he exhaled the smoke, "looks like you like what you see eh."

"Oh yeah," I moaned, still stuck to the floor, my eyes riveted on that awesome man tool of his.

"Well shuck them drawers kid and get over here and git a hit on this reefer. This is good shit. I grow it myself. I tell people I make my money off making wrought iron and I do make a lot that way but I'm getting’ fuckin’ rich selling dope.

I dropped my shorts, freeing my aching 7" hard cock. I moved over to Darrell and took the joint from his hand and inhaled deeply. The buzz was almost instant. He did have some good shit. I took another hit.

"Git a little closer baby. You are one pretty kid. You're the spittin’ image of John when he was your age and he was a pretty boy. I'm tellin’ you his ass was just like silk."

"You fucked Uncle John too?"

"Aidan, look at that cock. There ain't too many around as nice as this. I never had no trouble finding somebody to take it, man or woman. John was a real cock hound. He wanted every cock he saw, hell, he still does. The only one he went back to over and over was your daddy. He loved your daddy and your daddy loved him."

"Come over here and sit down on the bed with me and I'll tell ya all about how the MacAlister men do things. Your daddy shoulda told ya but he didn't so I will and I'll answer all your questions."

We sat down on the bed and I grabbed his big cock. It was as hot as fire and I couldn't even get my hand around it. I started squeezing it and started to pull the skin back.

Darrell grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Easy, little guy. Not yet. I've got a surprise treat for you under there and I dont' want ya openin your present yet. Just keep on squeezin’ it and then you can squeeze my balls some."

"It's way past time you should know how MacAlister’s become men. I'll just tell you about me and your daddy's family. When we was little, daddy would keep up quiet by letting us hold his big old pecker. Then we started holding each others, and pretty soon we was suckin’ each other all the time. When my oldest brother came of age, daddy came into the room where all five of us boys slept and crawled into bed with Tom. We could hear him whispering and then we heard Tom cry out and then we could see that daddy had stuck his big cock into Tom's ass and was pounding him for all he was worth. Seemed like he fucked Tommy for about an hour and then he shouted out, "Take my cum son. Take your daddy's juice" and he rammed hard into Tommy's ass and fell on top of him.

By this time, we was all sitting up, watching what was going on. Finally Daddy pulled out of Tom's butt and sat up and put his arm around Tommy.

"Son, you're a man now. You've taken a man's load up your chute and lived to tell it. Weren't all that bad was it?"

"No daddy," Tom replied, "it hurt at first but then it started to feel better and better. He pointed at his sheets. "Look pappy, I've creamed all over from your big daddy dick up my ass."

"Well, you're gonna get a lot more of it Tommy because you have a sweet little hole there. Whyn't ya bend over and clean off daddy's dick for him."

While Tom was licking the cum and shit off Daddy's dick, Daddy was telling us the rules.

"Now listen you younguns. Tommy's a man now. He's been well and truly fucked so if any of yas want to fuck him you can. But he can't fuck you and nobody else can neither because you're not MacAlister men until your Daddy drops a load in you. I'm sure, pretty soon , he's gonna want all of your nice big cocks up his ass so give him what he wants."

"And that's the way it was," Darrell continued, "when we came of age, Daddy would come out and plow our asses and we was men. I remember my first night. Buster, my next oldest brother told me I should start taking some fingers and sticking them up my ass so I'd be ready. I worked on that and then got me a big old cucumber and started using that on my ass. When Daddy drove his big old baby maker up my chute I was ready and damned if it didn't feel great. He was so hot he dropped three loads in me before he went back to bed. Then Buster and Tom and Davy all came over and dropped their loads in me too. It was a night I'll never forget."

"The next year it was your daddy's turn and I warmed him up just the way Buster had warmed me up. Daddy came in and stuck it in him dry and Dan howled like a banshee but it wasn't but a couple of minutes till he was beggin’ Daddy for more. After he'd cleaned Daddy's 9 incher off he turned back over and I mounted him and fucked him for dear life. I came and he came and I stayed hard. After three loads, Buster pushed me off and told me I was hoggin’ him. Then Buster rammed his 8" fireplug into your daddy and rode him long and hard and dropped his load into him too. He was followed by Davey and Tom. Dan's hole looked like a bathroom drain and it was dripping cum so I got down there and sucked out as much as i could and ate it. I always have loved eating my family's cum."

By this time I was squeezing Darrell’s big cock so hard I was afraid I was cutting off the blood and beating on my own to beat the band. This story was so hot.

"So, what's this got to do with me, Darrell, "I asked as I pounded my pud.

"Your daddy shoulda done for you what our daddy done for us. He shoulda broke you in right. He shoulda popped your cherry without having to call me for help. He'da made a MacAlister man outta you. You shoulda been taken down to your family so you coulda sucked all them cocks on your uncles and your grandpa and your cousins, just like every other MacAlister."

"So are you gonna pop my cherry, Darrell?" I asked expectantly.

"Nope little guy, that's your daddy's privilege but I'm gonna get you good and ready so that when he gets home you'll be ready for him. Have you ever been fucked up the butt?'

"No," I answered truthfully, "but I can't wait."

"I can't wait neither kid," Darrell said as he reached over and grabbed my cock. "As soon as your dad has made you a man I'm gonna ram my 9" up your chute and send you to heaven. Then I'm gonna let your put your fine cock up my tight ass and fuck me silly."

I was so high, both on pot and beer but more on pure hormones. This was like a real-life wet dream.

Darell put his arms around me and put a lip-lock on me and stuck his tongue half-way down my throat, while he grabbed both of our cocks in his enormous hand and started stroking them. I was so in heat. I finally pushed him away and said, "hey, slow down uncle. I'm gonna blow if we keep this up."

"Just the words I was hopin’ to hear, little guy," he said as he pushed me back on the bed and bent over and swallowed my raging-hard 7" in one swallow. Damn what a feeling.; this big rough fucker chowing down on my tubesteak. He stuck his tongue under my foreskin and licked all around and then suddenly he pulled back and sat up.

He pulled the skin back completely and said, "What the fuck is up with this?"

I said, "What're you talking about Darrell?"

He said, "You don't have no fuckin’ cheese on your cockhead. That's no way to treat a guest."

"The teacher in health class told us we were supposed to wash under our foreskins and get rid of the cheese, Darrell."

"That teacher was talkin’ out his ass," Darrell almost shouted. "The first thing Daddy taught us was that to be a real man you had to smell like a man and that means, never wash off the piss or the cheese. He said the only way to get the cheese washed off was if you could get a friend or a relative to eat it off for you. Never wash under your skin again, hear! "

He pushed my head down into his crotch. He rubbed my face all over his throbbing cock.

"Now tell me, little guy, what do you smell?"

"I smell piss and something rotten, Darrell, something really rotten."

"Hell kid, that's just my headcheese. It smells at first but after a while just the smell of it is gonna make your prick go stiff. While you're down there, take your lips and peel my foreskin back. It's time for you to get your growing up present."

I'd been waiting to get my chance at this beautiful man tool but as I began to slide the skin off the head, the smell increased 100 fold. I thought I was going to heave but Darrell had his big hand on the back of my head so I just continued.

The entire big flared head of his cock was coated with chunks of white headcheese. There was enough there to make a casserole or fumigate a building.

"Good boy," Darrell moaned, "now eat that cheese off your uncle's cock."

"I don't think I can Darrell," I moaned, "it just stinks too much."

"Listen, be a fuckin’ man and eat my cheese. I saved it up especial for you. Now I'm not lettin’ your raise your head until my dick is clean. You hear?"

So I ate it. It didn't taste bad. The smell I grew used to. From then on, I would always associate it with Uncle Darrell. The time would shortly come when I would seek it out and revel in licking it off nasty cocks.

"Now, pretty boy, I want you to show me how good you learned to suck cock from your little friend."

I let the enormous head of his cock slide into my mouth. It was literally dripping pre-cum. My mouth was stretched to its maximum capacity and I was having trouble getting it into my mouth.

"Listen, little guy, here's a trick. You've just got to relax and I'll do the pushing. OK?"

I did, and with Darrell pushing on the back of my head inch after amazing inch of his awesome cock slid into my mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby, you have one sweet mouth. Suck my big man's dick. You like it don't you."

I nodded as he rammed his power tool further into my mouth. As it reached the back of my throat he commanded, "Now swallow."

I did and I felt that swollen head slide deep into my throat and then I felt his rough pubes rubbing against my nose.

"Oh yeah, you're a MacAlister, all right. You just know how to pleasure a man. Now I'm gonna fuck your hot mouth, pretty nephew and shoot my load down your throat. Is that all right with you? You're gonna have to stay relaxed because I'm really big and I could hurt you."

I nodded and he grabbed my head in his two big hands and started fucking that monster cock down my throat. I thought I'd choke to death because he was a slow cummer and it was only after about 15 minutes that I felt the head expand in my mouth and then he rammed that whole 9" down my throat, and I could feel his hot cream shooting like a geyser. He just held my head down on his cock for the first spurts and then pulled back until just the head was in my mouth. I hungrily drank the last five or six spurts of heavy man juice. His was thick and sweet. I knew I'd have to have a lot of it.

Finally, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed the cum-smeared head all over my face. Then he said, "Pull the skin back over the head baby and put it back in your mouth. I did it and then he turned me around into my favourite 69 position and took my aching cock in his hot mouth. He slid my foreskin back and licked at the head and then swallowed my tool and began to suck on it like a man possessed. I had waited too long so after a few minutes I grabbed his head and rammed my pole down his throat and dropped a huge load in his hungry gullet. He ate every drop.

When I was done, he pulled my foreskin back over the head of my cock with his lips and held it in his mouth. We lay like that for several minutes until I said, "Darrell, I have to have a piss, NOW!"

He pulled off my cock long enough to say, "Go ahead baby, shoot your sweet piss in my mouth, but be ready, I've got a used beer or two to put down your throat.

With that, he sucked in my cock and I started pissing. He swallowed and swallowed and then suddenly, he was pissing in my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. But it was such a lot. I swear I must've drunk a gallon of his golden nectar.

"Bet that was the first time you ever done that eh Aidan. I've always loved drinking my Daddy's piss and my brothers' piss. Can’t get enough."

Then, he turned around and turned me onto my back and lay on top of me. He started kissing me and then I felt something probing at my asshole. I winced.

"Relax, little guy. It's just my finger. I'm just gonna get you ready for your daddy when he gets home. Your daddy's got a big fat old cock and we gotta get your hole all comfortable with taking it."

He slid one finger into my ass and that hurt. Then he slid in another and another and then he worked them around and around. At first it hurt but then my hole began to relax.

Darrell laughed. "You're a true MacAlister, Aidan. Your hole's already beggin’ for cock."

With that he flipped me over on my stomach and pulled my ass up in the air and spread my cheeks. I felt something wonderfully warm and wet working into my hole. I turned my head and I could see that he was tonguing my hole. This was making me tingle all over. I was twisting and moaning and my well-sucked dick was rock-hard again.

"Relax, little guy. This is just the warm-up for the big event." Then he plunged his big rough tongue back into my hole and I went back to heaven.

In a couple of minutes, I was literally screaming, "Oh god, Darrell, fuck me, please fuck me" as Darrell took me to heaven with his tongue.

We were so wrapped up in ourselves that we didn't even look up until I felt hands on my head ruffling my hair and I looked up and there stood my beautiful dad, naked as the day he was born, sporting an erection that even outdid Darrell's.

"Oh Dad," I moaned, "I am so ready for you to take my cherry."

"Soon, Aidan, soon," my dad whispered as he lifted my head up and pushed his enormous cock towards my lips.

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