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The major

His name was Michael Lansing, but everyone at Cal Military called him called him Major Lansing or just Major if they knew him well. He was the main man in charge and he ran the school with an iron hand. I had seen him patrolling Barracks halls or sitting in on classes for the last three years before I really knew much about him. It was said that he had been married at one time, but his wife had died during childbirth. If I had to guess I would say he at to be at least in his forties, but he looked thirty. He had the kind of hard body even men stared at. He maintained his private quarters behind the Administration building and that was all anyone knew about him. He was such cold hard disciplinarian that even the teachers feared his wrath.

When I was in the same room with him he would scare the shit out of me. With his crisp, perfect uniform and his lack of emotion, the Major was the kind of man even my father would respect. Major Michael Lansing was what my father called a real man's man. It was to my father's disgust after three years at the academy, that I was still a wimpy and effeminate nerd. I had never measured up to what he wanted as a son--even as a small child. Cal Military Academy had been my father's last resort to make a man out of me. I hated it here, but there was no use trying to fight my father, he always got what he wanted and to hell with anyone else. The only good thing about the Academy was the year around classes. I think sometimes that was why Father had sent me here.

One day when I was watching the Major, I had decided it wasn't his looks so much that made him what he was; it was what was inside of him. He and my father were made from the same mold. Something about the Major always fascinated me. He wore his blond hair cropped smartly, and usually hidden under this cap, but I could still see it was trying to curl. Even in that perfect crisp starched uniform, I could see he was built like a bull--and from the bulge in his crotch, he had to be hung one. When he wasn't in his uniform the clothes he wore were similar to what all us younger guys wore, the loose baggy pants and a big sloppy tank top. Even dressed like that, he moved with that air of manliness. The only jewelry I ever saw him wear was this heavy chain around his neck fixed with a small padlock. Some of the guys said it was penance for something or other he'd done to his wife. Others said he had been in a prisoner of war camp, and he had kept the chain as a remembrance of his captivity. No one really knew for sure, but everyone had some kind of story.

The school was almost vacant, because of our spring break, but I had elected to stay on campus rather than be at home dealing with the icy indifference of my father. Not wanting to return to the barracks after mess, I'd decided to go over to the gym. The building was open but deserted. I had changed and was working on the chest press when the Major came in. He was carrying a rolled up blanket and thermos, but he still stopped to watch me doing my reps. Stopping directly in front of me, he began that eye game with me again. Maybe it was just my paranoia, but lately it seemed he was always watching me, but yet he never spoke. This staring me down seemed to be a game with him. I would match his stare and then getting fidgety. My spine would turn to jelly and I would bow my head in defeat.

How I dreaded this game of his of making eye contact, it was like he could see into my soul. Now that he had had won our little contest, he usually would walk away knowing he had forced me to surrender to him. Bowing my head in submission, this time I was startled when he spoke to me. Asking me if I wanted to go up to the tarpaper beach with him and get some sun. Not knowing what he meant I said, " I' never knew we had a beach on campus." Giving me a look like I was the village idiot he said, "The roof Boy, no sand, just tarpaper sun and privacy. It's the best place on campus to get a tan."

Feeling like a dummy I said I'd never heard anyone call a roof a tarpaper beach before. Then he snapped, "Grab a couple towels from the locker and come with me." The way he said it, it wasn't an invitation--it was an order. Grabbing some towels I hurried after him to the stairs. By the time I had reached him, he was already at the top of the stairs and unlocking the steel door. Opening the door and swinging it wide, he held it open for me, then he made this little mocking bow, inviting out to 'Tar Beach' Stepping through the open door, I was speechless looking over that vast expanse of crushed white stones nestled in a bed of tar. It really did look like some kind of beach. Closing the door and locking, it he moved to this secluded spot shielded from view from ground level by the building's façade.

Carefully placing his rucksack on the gravel as if it were something precocious, he began spreading his blanket. Once done, he began stripping. I just stood there and watched him as he folded each item. As he removed each article, he placed it neatly in the corner of the blanket. Standing now bare ass naked with just that heavy chain around his neck, he looked over at me, and seeing my shocked expression, he said it was the only way to get a good all over tan. Seeing him naked like that and looking at his hard bronzed body--he was almost godlike. My eyes were inevitably drawn to that lush blond outcropping of crotch hair, and nestled there in that fury crotch hair was his unbelievable cock--with low riding balls. I knew he had to be hung like an animal. He Dropped down on his knees, then flopped down on his back saying, "Get with it boy. Strip and get some rays. You look like you crawled out from under a rock."

Pulling off my T-shirt and dropping my shorts, I figured it was just the two of us so stripping down to the buff couldn't be too bad. As I was folding and stashing my stuff he said, "Joey, it is Joey isn't it kid? Did anyone ever tell you your ass was made for fucking.?" Blushing saying I didn't do that kind of stuff, he asked, "Why not Boy? You're sure not going to get pregnant." I just numbly responded, telling him I just didn't do things like that. Then a few minutes later he asked if I masturbated at night. Blushing, I admitted that I did, once in a while. Then he asked if I had ever sucked a cock. Telling him 'of course not,' he said he was surprised--I sure looked and acted like a fagot. After a long silence, he asked if I had ever fucked a woman, and when I failed to answer he said, " You're still a virgin, aren't you Joey!"

All this sex talk was beginning to give me a hard on, and trying not to let him see me, I rolled over on my stomach. Watching me, he asked if is talking about sex was getting me excited. Then, before I could think of anything to say, he added that he understood that some guys got turned on by men. After telling him I wasn't gay he said, "How do you know if you've never done it with a man?" We lay there together for a while in silence. Eventually, he stood up and walked over to his rucksack and began digging through it.

Pulling out a big tube of sunscreen, he walked back, nodding in my direction while telling me to sit up, he would grease me my back for me. I politely declined, telling him that that would be too much trouble for him. He said I was already starting to get red, and apparently wasn't going to take no for an answer.

I sat up and soon felt his hands began working the cream into my shoulders. Feeling his firm even strokes on my back sent little shivers running through my spine. Leaning forward our faces almost touching, while his eyes were boring into mine he asked, " You like the way that feels don't you boy?" Then, telling me to lay down, he straddled my body and began working the lotion into the small of my back, then down around my waist. Scooting down further, I could now feel his cock lying between my legs as he began doing by butt. As big strong hands began working my cheeks, he commented again that indeed, I had a sweet ass.

Feeling his firm sensuous hands slowly massaging my body, he was giving me such a hard-on I was almost in pain. Then when his fingers began working into my ass crack, I began to really squirm. Ordering me to hold still, I froze and then his finger began working around my hole. He just laughed, telling me not to worry--he wasn't going to fuck me unless I wanted him to. I was glad when his hands finally began moving down, doing my legs. He finished up at my feet and told me to roll over; he would do my front side now. Then as if the man was reading my mind, he said not to worry if I had a hard-on. I needed to get greased up and then I could do him.

I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. I just rolled over with my cock standing proud. He never said a word about my erection. This time starting at my toes, he kept massaging the sunscreen on my body, and then traveling up to my legs. After getting close to my crotch, he slathered up his hands with more cream and then began doing my balls and cock. I sprang up as he held my genitals in his hands--he was almost beating me off. He just continued while grinning and saying, "Now we don't went to get our little pee-pee all sunburned now do we".

Pushing me down, he was now straddling me and squatting on my stomach. Feeling the weight of his body on mine when he began working my chest with his oiled hands, he had me so hot I was afraid I was going to blow my load.

He started working on my nipples, and then rolling them between his slick fingers, he asked if I'd ever noticed how hard and perky my little nipples get when I was aroused. I knew I should stop him, but it felt so good. Scooting up on me and squatting on my chest, his legs were pinning my arms to my sides. Leaning forward, his now hard cock began rubbing my face. He said he was going tot do me a favor, he was going to let me find out if I was a giver or a taker. Struggling to get away from him, he said I wasn't going anywhere until I sucked his cock. Looking up as his greased shinning body and into his grinning face, I kept having all these strange feelings about the Major. Then when he began wiping his hard drooling cock across my lips, he said I was going to like sucking his cock. I begged him stop as soon as I could taste his precum running into my mouth. He watched me as I licked my lips. Then he bent close to me whispering, "You like the way I taste don't you boy?" Not wanting to admit how aroused I was, I said nothing, and he kept urging me to open my mouth to feel how his cock felt. Opening my mouth just a little, he began pushing his cock into my mouth softy cooing, "That's the way, baby, a little more", and then he would push saying, "Now you're doing it Baby, just a little more."

He just kept working more of his cock into my mouth. Suddenly he gave a good shove and I thought he was going to kill me as his cock sank deep into my throat. Struggling and fighting for air, he kept telling me to relax and it would be okay, I just had to breathe through my nose. Looking up at him in absolute terror, all I could see was his face staring down at me demanding obedience. Realizing there was no way I could stop him, I stopped fighting him and surrendered. Laying across my face now ever so slowly, he kept working his cock deeper into my throat, until at last his balls were resting on my chin. Saying, "Now see how good that feels boy just wait until I blow my load—you're going to love it." Feeling that mammoth cock sliding in and out of my mouth, I knew there was no way to change what was happening. Now that my hands were free, I lifted them upwards and rested them on his ass, letting them ride with the pumping motion of his body. I surrendered to him completely.

When I felt him clenching the cheeks of his ass and his body stiffing, the next thing I felt was his pumping his cum into my throat. When he'd gotten off, as soon as I could get free of him, I was on my feet screaming at him telling him I hated him for what he did to me. Giving me a slap across the face, he told me no cocksucker was going to talk to him like that. Telling me I wasn't done servicing him yet, I began hitting him with my fists. He just laughed, as my fists seemed to bounce off of his chest. He grabbed my hands and brought his knee up into my groin, slamming into my balls so hard, he lifted me off my feet.

Gasping in pain and sinking to my knees, he said I'd better be a good boy now and do what I was told, or he would rip my balls off and shove them down my throat. As the tears were streaming down my face from the pain, he shoved his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth in surrender to him. Ramming his cock into my mouth saying, "See baby you like it, but soon you'll be begging me for it. Then grabbing my ears, he began pumping my face with that huge cock of his again. It felt like my lips were going to rip open as his cock worked in and out of my aching throat. Then his continued pumping action began creating this suction in my lungs. Suddenly my body was sucking his cock deep into my throat. He yelled out, "Yeah baby, now you're getting into it." This time when shot his load, he filed my mouth with cum. After closing my eyes and swallowing that sticky cum, he said it was time now to fuck that sweet ass of mine.

This time I offered no resistance as he pushed me down and on my back. Lifting my legs, I could see him swabbing his cock with the sun block and then I felt his fingers holding the tube to my asshole and squeezing. He began working the cream into my ass. Laying there looking up at him, I knew there was no way I was going to stop him from doing this. Then he started working the head of his cock into my hole. I let out a small cry of pain. Looking at me sharply, he snapped at me, telling me to be a man. Suddenly, I felt pain like I'd never felt before in my life. As his cock forced it way into my ass I was sobbing and begging him for mercy. Laughing, he told me that before he was done with my ass, I would be begging him to fuck me. While I was laying there crying from the pain, he just kept pushing deeper into me, saying he knew he was going to fuck me from that first day he saw my sweet fagot ass.

Ever so slowly the pain was becoming less severe, and before long, I felt the hot explosion of cum deep inside me. I was hoping this would be the end of it, but to my horror, I was to find out he was far from done with me. He began again, but this time his cum was acting as a lubricant and his cock now was sliding in and out of my ass like I was a common whore. Pumping and grinding, he said he could fuck my ass all day. Leaning forward bending me double and our faces almost touching, his eyes bored into mine. He said, "You like the way that feels don't you boy. Well hang on you're in for a real ride?"

I soon found out that the Major had the stamina of ten men. Time and again I could feel him unloading round after round of cum into me. When he finally did finish with me, he just let my legs drop. All I could do was just lie there. I was completely spent. Kneeling and straddling my body, the Major began undoing the lock on his chain. Taking it from his neck and placing it around mine, he said this was to remind me my body belonged to him now. Standing then looking down at me, he told me to get my ass up and get dressed, he'd gotten what he wanted from me for today. Feeling like a used condom, I stood and began pulling on my clothes with his cum dripping out of my ass.

I watched him he dressed and meticulously rolled up the blanket. He acted like nothing had happened. Walking to the door he told me to come to his quarters tomorrow after my workout, he was going to fuck me again. I suddenly realized he had made me his bitch and this was how he was going to use me for the rest of my final year. Little did I realize that my Major was to become the center my life. All that night lying in my bed I cried from the pain in my ass. Shoving my fingers into my ass, I could get some relief. Then I began fingering myself and somehow I began to rationalize that Major had a right to my body because I had let him take my body like some cheap whore.

With those thoughts, I finally drifted off to a deep, disturbed sleep. My ass still hurt like hell when I woke, but now, in the light of day, everything seemed different. After spending the morning at the gym in the whirlpool, I began feeling whole again. At chow time, I barely touched my food feeling almost giddy at the thought of going to the Major. After cutting across the parade field and coming around the Administration building I was there. Now my heart was pounding a mile a minute as I slowly made it up the fourteen stairs in agony. He was there at the door waiting for me by the time I reached the porch.

He pulled me into the room, and when I was inside, he ordered me to strip. I removed each piece of my uniform and folding it carefully, I put it on a chair. When I was completely naked, he looked over at me as if I had forgotten something.

Then remembering what he'd told me yesterday and afraid of being punished, I slipped to my knees at his feet and bowing my head, I begged him to fuck me. He lifted me and carried me into the bedroom, laying me tenderly on the bed. He said, "It won't hurt so bad this time baby." Then crawling up on the bed and taking this little vile from the nightstand, he held it under my nose, forcing me to inhale the fumes deeply into my lungs. After a few seconds my head was spinning and I had this wonderful floating feeling taking over my body. Desire had begun sweeping over me and all I could think of now was that he was going to fuck me--and I wanted him to. Spreading my legs, he pulled them up on my shoulders and his cock began its entry. Pushing back and then trying to get more of him inside me, he began laughing--calling me a cheeky little slut.

Bending me almost double, he began this wonderful slow even rhythm and feeling him deep inside me it was like we had become one. Then when I felt him shooting his cum deep inside me, I begged him not to stop. Laughing saying he would give me everything I needed. All that night I began to learn how to please him in all ways. By morning there wasn't a part of his body I hadn't licked or sucked. That morning lying in his strong arms, I realized I was helplessly in love with this man. For the rest of our spring break I willingly stayed with him. My Major had now taken over my life in all ways. It was like my Major owned my mind as well as my body. Before school had resumed, he'd had my things moved to his quarters. He took control of every part of my life. When I would get a poor grade, he would punish me by beating my ass until he had me bawling like a baby. When I did well, he would reward me with sex.

I quickly learned I had to earn his affection and love. My life had now become study, exercise and sex--nothing more nothing less. I had willingly become his sex slave and let him control every part of my life. From all outward signs everything was the same, to the world he had taken me on as a mentor. In reality, I had become his property. My grades improved dramatically and as for my appearance, it was outstanding how the food and exercise was changing me. When my father came to visit, he though the changes in me were all his doings because of sending me to Cal Military, and was only too happy to assume the credit, thinking at last I had found my stride and I was finally beginning to blossom as a man.

Little did my father realize all these changes were the Major's doings. He had molded me into what I was; I was now one of the privileged on campus, the kind of man that inspired envy in my fellow students. It was after the graduation ceremonies that the Major announced that I was staying on at the Academy as his assistant. Standing next to my Major, somehow I resented him making the choice for me--how I would spend my life. He had done his job well; I was a man fully grown and someone to be reckoned with. I was not going to be his property. All through the ceremonies, my resentment kept building--he had made me his bitch. He didn't have that right!

When all the graduation ceremonies were over, we returned to his (our) quarters. As soon as the door was closed, I was on him, ripping that ever perfect uniform off of his body. Dragging him to the floor I began beating on him with my fists with this burning hatred. How I hated that man and I was going to make him pay for everything he'd done to me. I was going to show him all the pain of being raped by a man. While I was busy struggling out of my clothes, he had me on my back trying to tie my hands with his belt. Bringing my legs up into his crotch, I sent him flying against the table. We were now in mortal combat and we slammed each other, making a shambles of the room. Finally I had him pinned and with a hard right, he as out cold.

Straddling his body and tying off his hands with his belt, I waited until he came to and then I rammed my cock into his mouth. I wanted him to suffer--to know what he'd done to me. As I slammed my cock deep down his throat, just hearing him gagging and choking, I thought I would be satisfied, but my revenge was a hollow victory. Pulling out of him and letting him breath, I began crying. I found myself covering him with my body and kissing him, telling him I loved him. Reaching up then and undoing his arms he pulled me to him, kissing me. Never had the Major kissed me and when his tongue found mine, he began working my mouth.

Then rolling me over and sliding down my body I felt his lips on my cock and then my cock just disappeared into his throat as he began sucking me off, ever so gently as he did me. When I came in his mouth, he sucked every last drop of my cum down. Then, pushing me around on top of him and lifting his legs over my shoulder he said, "Baby you've made me wait a long time for this, now show me how much you love me. Make my body yours my love."

Lifting his legs and sinking my cock into his willing body, I looked into his face, his eyes shinning with love. I began to realize he had become a father for me, a disciplinarian to force me to become a man. Now he had become my lover.

My Major had taken me--a nobody--a throwaway--and made me a man proud and not afraid to love another man. He had seen what I was and brought me out of the closet, giving me the world. I was now ready and eager to give this man the love he had given me--not as his whore or as his bitch--but as my lover.

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