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From convention to no more conventions

The first thing I ever heard Derrick say was, "Okay, I just shoot him in the head. Then I take his take his stuff". It was in response to my question, "What do you do?" Derrick just smiled, seemingly happy that he had succeeded in shocking the seven people surrounding the table with his bold and intransigent behavior. The 43 year-old Derrick leaned back into his chair and folded his muscled and thoroughly tattooed arms behind his head in a very nonchalant manner.

The most prominent tattoo running along the length of his left arm was the sentence "I don't give a shit" written in a gothic style. Other smaller tattoos of dragons, daggers, shotguns, dice, roses, fire hydrants, broken clocks and skulls with snakes crawling out of the hallow eyes peppered the rest of his arm. His right arm was covered in a plethora of tattoos of jigs and jags and other small quixotic objects that one could find in antique stores. He seemed to be very proud that he could make the horse skeleton tattoo on his right bicep expand and deflate by flexing his considerable muscle. He would cavort in front of the others circled around our table during breaks and make his circus of tattoos move around.

His slightly curly short brown hair, flecked with grey streaks, playfully bobbed on his head as he giggled at his own actions. A tattoo of a spiraling staircase began from the apex of his neck and then wrapped downward, disappearing somewhere behind his ear. At the base of his neck were two more tattoos of chains wrapped around in his neck in a vise-like grip. Other tattoos of multi-spiked objects lay half hidden under the sleeves of his dark blue T-shirt with "JUICER UPRISING" emblazoned on the front.

It was a Role-Playing Game convention. I expected neophyte Grottos and Gremlins players with their "Kill them all and take their stuff" attitude to permeate the convention center but Derrick was the first I had met. His age separated him from the bulk of the RPG gamer crowd. During the demo session that he participating in I let Derrick play the desperado character he wanted to play; his in-game tactics bordered on the mercenary and cruel. Although I proudly considered myself an RPG elitist, above and beyond this kind of behavior, I let Derrick do as he wanted and let the game continue. It was to set a precedent for later that night.

I was showcasing my own RPG game and system at the convention and running demo games. The game I made was called "Hubris", a Sci-Fi RPG. Although my tiny booth was tucked away between the massive booths of Mages of the Seaside and Grey Wolf, there was still enough interest among the utterly random convention goers to start up demo games. My first demo game drew in a crowd of eight eager role-players, the prominent Derrick included.

The plot of the game proceeded as I had essentially envisioned. When the planned combat scene ensued, the band of role-players quickly trounced the enemy cyborgs with their uber-laser weaponry. However, the one non-player character that the role-players were able to capture wasn't spouting the types of answers that the role-playing interrogators wanted. Derrick summarily murdered the non-player character. Although the lack of a source of information made the continuation of the plot much more difficult, I was able to manage to end the demo game on time and to a large amount of compliments from the gathered players.

After the game ended some players stayed around and asked me about my setting and rules system. Derrick just continued to stay in his seat with his arms folded behind his head. After fielding questions and selling a few books to those interested, I turned around and strolled over to Derrick. Derrick's face was covered with a capricious smile, his sparkling white teeth seemingly glimmering between his thin pink lips.

"What?" I asked quizzically, unsure of the nuances in that look scrawled across his face.

"Nothing. I just think you got a great game going on for a 22 year old. That's all." Derrick responded. After a 5 second pause in which Derrick stared sharply into my eyes, he added, "Or maybe its because you're 22 years old." His hands emerged from behind his head, his flexed muscles diminishing without the volition to erect them, and rested on his thighs.

Derrick's eyes began to wonder over my body. Suddenly aware of the attention, I took a step back, startled. An uncomfortable silence welled up in the room. For 10 seconds, Derrick just stared at me, his eyes running along the length of my figure.

Trying to think of a way to break the silence, I decided to invite him for another round of gaming and asked, "You want to play again? I will be running another demo before dinner. You're welcome to play again if you'd like."

Derrick tilted his head to the side just a little and then flatly replied, "Naw. That's OK. I'd like to have dinner with you though. You game for that?" Derrick stood up and revealed his 6 feet 2 inches of height. He lightly brushed the crumbs of his takeout Outback Steak House dinner off his T-shirt and faded blue jeans. The crumbs fell to the floor and his Levi's like yellow snowflakes.

I wasn't sure what to make of the request. Gaming conventions are usually filled with harmless weirdoes and loonies so requests like this in the past were likewise perfectly safe. However, Derrick was obviously working out quite a bit to maintain his strength so I could be in serious danger if he was a gaming nut with muscles. During a previous convention I had dined with a gamer who became explosively angry when he thought his fellow gamers were not interested his story about his +1 Superlative Mace of Dastardly Funk. Furthermore, Derrick certainly looked like the type of guy who lived well beyond the normal expectancies of society and even the sub-society that is the gamer's world.

While I stood there like some gaping landed fish, pondering the possible implications of supper with a stranger, Derrick took a titanic step forward right into my personal space. Less than a foot away from me, Derrick declared in a small voice, "See you at 9 at the hotel restaurant" as he rested his left hand's index finger on my right shoulder and slowly caressed the length of my arm. Derrick strode out confidently assure that his heavy-handed dating tactics had worked. I simply turned and stared at his back as he left my booth. His exceptionally curved ass receded from my view and disappeared.

Organizing materials for the next game, I was assailed with the proposition of having dinner with such a suggestive older guy. I knew I was at least bisexual and had been officially going out with a guy for about 3 years by this point. The extreme difference in age between myself and my boyfriend Glen caused a few problems though. Glen was 53 and I was 18 when we first started fucking. Glen had lucked upon me on an online meeting site. Although the three years with him had been fruitful and I discovered a lot about my sexuality, I was always curious about what other men would be like. Lovemaking with Glen was always a one sided affair. Could it be something else with someone different?

Dinner for me was a forgettable salad. Derrick, however, wolfed down two cheeseburgers of comically bad hotel quality. Unswayed by the semi-molded lettuce, Derrick munched on. Between chews, Derrick elaborated on himself and his past. He was a janitor at a college upstate. He would fly in for these conventions when he had the money. He lived alone and his two favorite pastimes were jogging and playing tabletop RPGs.

Further divulging his past, Derrick insisted that he was a porn star in his 20's. He claimed to have starred in two porn flicks before he was tossed aside by ungrateful and devious directors. He lamented that now all he does is clean floors and toilets.

Embellishments such as these are common fare at RPG conventions. Although I doubted that he was actually and ex-pornstar, Derrick seemed a little forlorn so I tried to liven up the atmosphere with strange questions. Partly to change the subject from janitorial duties and partly because I was extremely curious, I asked Derrick, "What kind of porno did you do?"

Derrick lifted his head and leveled his gaze at me. The whimsical smile returned to his lips, again revealing his perfectly white teeth. He seemed to think I had wondered into his trap. He chuckled to himself and then answered, "When you start in the porn business you start at the bottom. I did gay porn. I was told by the liars who took me in that I could eventually fuck my way up the ladder to women. Never happened though."

"Why? What happened?" I asked quizzically, my voice tensing with anticipation.

Derrick paused for a few seconds and pensively considered what to say next. Then he started talking while staring down into his half-full beer, almost as if to himself.

"My second film was a penis fetish film. The director, may he go to hell and burn forever, along with all the Fox executives who cancelled the "Firefly" TV series, said that the market for penis fetish porn was huge. I figuredgreatI can do this. So I did the film. Besides, this guy was just blowing me off. I didn't have to do anything except spew my juices. But after I got the check for the second film, the director never called me back. Nobody else did either. All the people who he was going to introduce me tonever called either."

I instantly felt sorry for him. I thought I should try to say something comforting and mustered up a lame "I'm sorry" Derrick just shook his head. He had quite likely heard that before. Probably from the director as well.

After a minute or so of silence, Derrick looked up at me again. His stare was fixed and he started to narrate his pornographic career to me.

"I wasn't all that into dick at the start. I had a girlfriend who never found out what I was doing. But hey, she was pulling 400 dollars out of her underwear a night at her job so why couldn't I do the same shit, I figure. So I asked my girlfriend to introduce me to the pornographers that come into her place. At first I thought me and my girlfriend could be paid to do it. But the guy I met just asked me to come into his office for an 'audition'." Derrick paused here and took a quick swig of beer. He gulped it down with a satisfied "Ah." Returning his gaze upon me, Derrick continued his prologue in one long spoken free thought.

"I thought it was going to be straight porn. So the guy takes some shots off me. I guess he was surprised by my girth or something, 'cause he asked if he could give me a hand job. I was just trying to find some extra work so I let him. So there I am, just sitting down naked on a wooden stool in the middle of an empty studio apartment, this guy spitting into his palms and then greasing me up. He rubbed me the right way because I was hard in no time. As he was going at it, I'm in blissland. Before I know it I'm on the verge. I shouldn't have but I closed my eyes and leaned back on the stool right as I'm about to cum. Just then he wraps his lips around me and swallows my load."

Derrick's narrative ended there again. He had a gargantuan grin plastered across his face, the upshot of a pleasurable memory. Suddenly, Derrick segued back into storyteller mode and continued. "I was offered a lot of money to do gay porn. Or at least they said I could get a huge portion of the sales, which would be equal to a lot of money. I think all pornstars get sucked in that way. At first I was just giving the other guy a hand job. But after awhile you see, all the lights and all the people staring at you, the cameras, plus the guy tonguing you like crazy makes you horny as all hell. I didn't think I would love gay head as much as I did. Frank, the first guy I had sex with was great. He blew me off. Best ever. And he had it all in his mouth as he continued to blow me. My own cum was flowing out of his mouth as he sucked me off for a few minutes after a came. Felt great."

I just stared at him with a mildly shocked expression on my face. I motioned to him to continue the story with whirling hand gestures. Derrick continued his narrative.

"I fucked him. I was much more comfortable doing that. Frank didn't mind. It was a hot scene if I do say so myself. I wish it had sold more. I only got 100 dollars for that."

Derrick's history lesson ended there. He smiled at me, happy that his story had an audience. Derrick leaned over the table and looked me in the eyes.

"You into older guys George? I'm twice your age." Derrick asked.

I was a little flustered at the sudden not expected question and managed to blurt out, "Uh I have a boyfriend right now. He lives up in Green Valley. He's a little older than you actually."

Derrick's head cocked to the side and retorted, "So what? Is he here? Lets meet up!"

I grew a little more nervous and responded, "Uhnohe's not here. He doesn't even know I game. He wouldn't understand what RPGing is. I told him I was attending a weekend lecture."

Derrick's smile grew even larger and greedier and he pressed his advantage. He leaned even more over the table, resting his upper body on his arms and asked, "Okay. He's not here. He doesn't know you're here. How about you come to my room and we watch my pornos together? All late 80's stuff but it'll get you going George."

"Uh" was all I could manage when I was propositioned so directly by a man who was twice my age and adorned with gothic ideographs all over his body. Honestly speaking, Derrick was good looking. The tattoos added a certain lasciviousness as well.

I pondered briefly about Glen, my boyfriend. Glen treated me well enough but he treated me like a 1950's wife. I had to cook and clean for him. Also, he wouldn't blow me at all although I was expected to always maintain a cultist's appreciation for his fuckstick. There were also times when he would hold me down when he was anally fucking me. His penetration was more important to him than any concern over if I was in pain or not.

"Okay", I whispered through barely parted teeth. I shut the image of Glen from my mind as Derrick got up and paid the bill. I meekly followed after him like some stereotypical obsequious oriental wife. All the way to the elevator we were silent. However, as soon as the elevator doors closed, Derrick lurched over to me and pressed me against the wall. He violently pressed his body against mine. Further, he grasped my wrists and held them above my head. Pinned there in his vise-like grip, he shifted his handhold on me. His right hand continued to pin my arms above me while his left hand lowered to my crotch. Pressing his hand against me, I gasped.

"Oh good. I thought you were wet already." Derrick glowered down at me as he felt me down.

Derrick slipped his hand into my pants and fingered my hard dick. Leaning over, he whispered into my ears, "I like young guys."

The elevator doors opened and the same silence enveloped us. Derrick slowly withdrew his precum-wet hand from my pants and inserted his index finger into my mouth. I was already so aroused that I began incessantly licking his finger. I let out an exhausted sigh and caught my breath even while he finger fucked my mouth.

We both heard footsteps grinding into tall carpet, approaching the elevator. Derrick quickly released me and strode out of the elevator with me in close pursuit. We didn't even look at each other until we stepped in front of room 316, far down the hallway near the fire exit.

Derrick ripped out his wallet and whipped out the cardkey. He suddenly turned to me and ordered me, "Open the door."

I took the cardkey, wondering why he didn't open the door himself. As I turned back around to face and open the door, I suddenly had a cold sensation right at the back part of my jeans. Derrick's hand was wiggling into my underwear. His long fingers found their way to my butt crack and probed even further down. I gasped and dropped the card key as one of his fingers lightly rubbed my hole. Realizing that Derrick had no concern for propriety, I knew I had to get the card key in the door slot before Derrick began to finger fuck me in the hallway.

I bent over to pick up the cardkey. The space between my skin and my jeans grew taut and trapped his hand there. Derrick voiced no concern and slipped the tip of his finger into my ass. I gasped again at the sensation. Snatching the cardkey from the floor, I quickly inserted it into the slit. The door emitted a small beep and a green signal flashed on the display above the handle while Derrick strongly fingered me and I began to moan.

The door swiveled open in a rush when Derrick rammed his free hand against it. We shuffled into the hallway of the room and Derrick quickly grasped the door and slammed it violently shut. The reverberation could probably be heard all across the hall.

Derrick pinned me face first against the wall between the door to the hallway and the closet. His thighs rubbed against mine in strongly sensuous thrusts. There was no light in the room except for the dim moonlight that penetrated the curtain-covered windows. Derrick released me for a second while he undid his belt and jeans and underwear in a flourish. His cock flopped out and smacked against my butt, leaving a snail trail of precum. Staring over my shoulder at the silhouette that emerged from between his legs, I grew fearful.

Derrick was huge. In the moonlight it was hard to estimate distances and length, but Derrick was far longer than my boyfriend. Derrick's girth also scared me. It seemed like I would barely be able to wrap my hand around it. However, I never got the chance to wrap my greedy hands around Derrick's impressive member.

Derrick pinned me face first against the wall with his body again and clawed at my Dockers. "Hurry up" he demanded in an extremely inpatient tone. I began to undo my pants with my right hand while my left hand braced me against the wall. Derrick's avaricious hands tugged down my pants before I had the zipper undone. I could feel his massive girth rubbing against me through my underwear, his precum wetting my underwear already.

In the same instant, both Derrick and I grasped my underwear and jerked it down between my legs. His precum soaked dick thudded against my butt crack. Without waiting, Derrick manhandled his dick and directed the head to my waiting hole. He lowered his knees slightly to get me in the right position.

Without warning, Derrick shoved his wet titan into my hole. My boyfriend Glen had fucked me in the ass before numerous times, but he wasn't as large as Derrick. The rapid expansion of my anus registered as a flash of pain in my mind. Instantly I knew my innards were in trouble. I had never had such a gargantuan object in my ass before. Seemingly unable to comprehend the immensity of the sword of flesh impaling me, my mind simply blanked. For a few seconds I thought I might be able to handle him, even if he was just initiating his penetration. A torrid rush of pain emanating from my ass ejected me from my reverie of wishful thinking. The head of Derrick's cock popped inside me initiating a rush of pain.

"Ah yeahyour boyfriend loosened you pretty good. Usually guys are screaming by now", Derrick soliloquized to himself.

Derrick grasped his shaft at the base with his left hand while his chiseled right arm continued to hold me in place against the wall. With one swift and forceful motion, Derrick shoved more of his hog into me. I don't know how much he stuffed into me, but the pain hit instantaneously. Tears welled up in my eyes and I gasped so loud that I sucked in more air than my lungs could take. A spasm of coughs ensued.

"Ah yeah ah yeah." Derrick's mantra flowed out of his mouth as he removed his left hand from his shaft and used it to brace me against the wall again. Pinned between both of his muscled arms, I could feel him oscillate his thighs back and forth, attempting to drive further into me.

Derrick lowered his head to mine while I braced myself against the wall with my arms. The expression on his face was solemn, as if he was engaging in important work. His breath tickled and cooled my skin, coming in heavier and deeper intervals. Our lips but a few inches from each other, his tongue snaked out of his mouth and lathered my nose. Coiling downward, his tongue lapped over my lips as I opened my mouth for him. He vigorously tongued my mouth and kissed me with a possessed fervor.

Derrick's whole body was pressing me against the wall now. His right arm was pressed against my back, pinning me against the wall. While we were French kissing, Derrick slid his left around down around my waist and pulled it outward down onto his dick. I could feel his pubes tickle my soft ass cheeks.

My knuckles turned white with the realization that Derrick was almost completely inside me now. Incessantly pistoning into me, he was firmly lodging himself in my ass. The inside of my ass felt like it was stretching in all the wrong ways now. A tight, hot and sharp pain began to well up inside my bowls. It was fast becoming overwhelming. "Ahyeahthere we go", Derrick dully reported as he at last fit himself completely in me. Whenever my anal experiences reach new thresholds, my vision often becomes a clouded yellow expanse, some mental mirage brought on by the swelling pain. Suddenly the pain rescinded and lapsed as Derrick, keeping my hips in set place with one arm, slowly drew back his hips and withdrew his cock from my ass. His snake of flesh emerged up to the verge of his head.

He spit twice down at himself but missed. I could feel his cold spittle splatter on my butt and dribble down onto his manshaft. One of his arms temporarily released me and his hand wrapped around himself. I heard of plethora of squishy sounds as he greased himself up for a second submersion. Derrick concluded his lubrication and announced, "George, hope you like it slow."

Derrick's glistening fuckstick pushed against my hole again. Softened by the previous cornucopia of thrusts, my ass irised open for him. He began to thrust himself into me in. As is we were both in some slow motion move scene, Derrick grunted his pleasure as he further and further entered me, bellowing a satisfied, "AHHHhhhhhhh."

Derrick's huge golem of man had utterly dominated my ass. I could feel his magnitude inside me. Derrick filled me up and withdrew again to his cockhead. Slowly, but purposefully, Derrick shafted me in long hard strokes. He deep fucked me. I mean really deep fucked me, with vigor, for what seemed like a huge swath of time. His grunts gave way to panting. I could now feel his sweat glistening off his chest and smearing onto my back as Derrick thrust himself into me again and again. The drops of sweat were cold and sensuous.

My breathing heavy with the pleasure of being throttled by such a huge titanic, Derrick quickened his pace. Snobbishly, Derrick grunted out, "Ahyoulikegetting fuckedhuhlittlebitchI'llmakeyouwish yourboyfriendWERE ME!" The strain of hunkering halfway down on his knees to fuck me against the wall was taking its toll on Derrick's fortitude. I knew he couldn't keep up his fanciful fucking much longer.

Realizing that being fucked against the wall meant that the sex was going to be considerably shorter than on the bed, I pleaded to Derrick. "Beat me off! Beat me off!" Derrick's reply was tired and callous. "No", he whispered by my ear, some spit spraying onto my earlobe. Derrick ignored my request and his thrusting reached a crescendo. His girthy fuckstick expanded to its full volume in my ass.

Derrick continued to pump into me with wild abandon as he screamed his pleasure. His chest left my back as he stood nearly straight up, parallel to the wall. His mammoth wailing was soon joined by a hot wet sensation in my ass. His girth was expanding inside me to painful dimensions as he unloaded his juices deep inside me. Derrick's screams leveled off with each orgasmic volley he launched into my recesses. Derrick's wailing slackened and became muted grunts. The sweat glistening on his thighs cooled my lower extremities with every brush against me.

Derrick dislodged himself from my ass and let go of me. Released from his grip, I slid down the wall and fell to my knees. Derrick was still breathing heavily and exhaustedly, as if he had just run a marathon. I turned around on my knees, my face banging against Derrick's slick monster. His dick's earthy aroma permeated the room.

In that instant, Derrick flipped on the lights. Two inches from my face was the paragon of manrod, still stiff and dripping cum. A massive length of 9 inches displayed itself proudly before me, like some general reviewing troops after sacking an enemy town. Reaching out like some child smitten with candy, I wrapped one hand around the shaft right below the head. It glistened with lubrication and was warm to the touch. It slightly throbbed in my hand.

His fuckstick was nearly too large to wrap my thumb and index finger around. His huge red head bobbed again in my hand. The pulsing immensity of it mesmerized me. Derrick, still panting with exhaustion, took two steps forward and brought his cock right before me. It rested warmly on my cheek, lathering it in his cum. I stared up the length of his shaft, to the pubes adorning the base of his conquering weapon, to the well-defined muscles decorating his abdominals, to the light brown fur ornamenting his beefy chest.

I lightly tilted my head to the side and extended my tongue to the tip of his cock. The salty taste of his dick filled my mouth as I took in a lick full of his cum. Derrick was still breathing heavily above me in loud huffs as I swallowed his bulging golem of meat. Its girthy meatiness filled my mouth.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and lightly tugged at it as I massaged his head with my tongue and lips. Lathering my tongue all over his fuckstick, I indulged my new lover's titan.

"Sweet! You'll suck me even after I fucked you in your ass. You've got no limits boy. I like it!", said Derrick.

I was going to blow that fucking cock until he was dry, all night if need be. However, suddenly there was a knock on the door to his room. This was followed by a voice, muted through the door, but unmistakably feminine, "Honey, you in there? Hello?"

Panic set in and I leaped to my feet and yanked up my underwear and pants with a celerity that surprised even myself. Derrick did the same. Not knowing how well we had managed to return to our original looks, Derrick unnaturally answered the person outside, "Who is it?"

"It's your wife stupid. Who else would be here?" her voice flabbergasted.

At last opening the door, the lights from the hallway flooded Derrick's hotel room. A slender and tall Asian woman, maybe Filipino, stood before both of us. Auburn hair encased a very cute face that erupted into a white smile as soon as she saw me.

"Are you one of those gamer guys?" she asked me in a curious tone, apparently having not sniffed the lingering scent of her husband's tool, nor having noticed her husband's ejaculate smeared on my check.

"Uhwhat? Yesyes I am." was all I could lamely muster up to her inquiry. Not knowing what to say after that, I awaited the fall of silence and the oncoming apocalypse. Luckily Derrick intervened and blurted, "I haven't had dinner yetlet's get something to eat."

Derrick's wife nodded her assent and we all shuffled off toward the elevator, two of us very nervously. Inside the elevator, Derrick's wife turned to me again and quizzed me on her husband. "He says he likes to play as a dwarf. Is that true?"

"Wellthere is nothing dwarfish about your husbandbelieve me. He's the biggest player I've ever my table", was all I was willing to put on the conversational table while we slowly descended to the first floor.

However, as we neared the first floor, I grew annoyed. With everything. The fact that RPGers have to have conventions to meet people with similar interests. That Derrick was pretending, knowing full well that he loved man ass. The fact that I still pretended I was in love with Glen. The fact that I was on the verge of having one of the greatest cocks in creation pummel me to new orgasmic heights.

Throwing caution to the wind, I added, "Also, it surprised me that his character had one of the most powerful swords I've ever seen." Derrick's wife just smiled and nodded. Derrick closed his eyes at my unwarranted outburst, seeming to sense that I had just stepped over an untenable boundary between good sense and revenge. However, when the doors to the first floor slid open, I excused myself by feigning that I forgot my key in my room. I never saw Derrick again.

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